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When you change

the way you look at things,

the things you look at


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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

The Art of Listening is fast becoming a forgotten human offering. Listening as we currently know it is often offered as a single dimensional conversational tool rather than a multi-dimensional skill in its own right.

When we study the Art of Listening and apply it to another person we open up the space for healing. For within that space a person can access their true thoughts and feelings without judgment, without pressure and within a space that is safe. A moment in time that is entirely dedicated to a deepening of that person’s understanding of who they are as a completely unique individual and how they function within that individuality.

Life can throw all sorts of challenges our way which can often accumulate over time, coping mechanisms which we set up in childhood are not equipped to offer us the comfort and way forward in a more complex adult world. We need to find a new way of moving through life without carrying with us the excess of uncomfortable emotions that can gather around us on our journey.

Moving through life differently offers us an alternative perspective that allows us a freedom from the limitations and confines of our current patterns of behaviour, thoughts and actions. We are able to access as a result more joy, more honesty and a deeper connection to our self and others, thereby increasing our enjoyment within our relationships and life in general.

1 hr session – £75


Hypnotherapy is a subtle but powerful tool, which works on the basis that the large majority of our lives are actually run by our subconscious minds rather than our conscious minds. As a result we can find ourselves in the frustrating position of repeating patterns, which seem to occur no matter how much willpower we put into place. These patterns can come in the form of low self-esteem, weight gain, habits, phobias, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a beautifully natural process which has proven to have excellent results. It works by allowing direct access to the subconscious mind where negative beliefs can be rooted out and replaced by new and positive belief systems.

I hr session – £75

About Me

Heather Ferreira-Cole Dip Hyp CS MNFSH Dip PC

I am on a register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. It is a programme established by the Government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public.

I am an:

Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with The National Counselling Society

A Hypnotherapist with The National Hypnotherapist Society

A Certifide Child Counsellor with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body

I have also studied:

Mindfulness as a form of staying present in the moment

Attachment Theory which impacts our relational dynamics not just to people but to all that we relate to, impacting our transitions, our ability to be intimate with another and our perspectives and outlook on life.

Bereavement, dealing with the losses we face in life, be that another person, a hope, a partnership or an expectation of our future.

I qualified in 2013 and have been in private practice for 7 years. People come to see me for many different reasons and I aim to always provide a deeply respectful, open, calm and compassionate environment where we are able to work side by side towards a deeper understanding of whatever it is that you are facing so that old patterns, traumas that have been stored in the body can be released, relieving you of their presence and their influences upon your life.

I would love to hear from you, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Tel: +44 (0) 7952 777418

Email: info@heatherferreiracole.com

Client Feedback

“I feel that my Hypnotherapy sessions with Heather addressed confidence issues that I have battled with for a ridiculous amount of years. I feel so much more positive. I am sure that Hypnotherapy is something I will continue to come back to”

“I have made so much positive progress since I have been seeing Heather for Hypnotherapy. She has taken me to a calmer place and helped me overcome my negative patterns of behaviour and it has improved my self-confidence. Heather makes you feel so calm and serene and visiting her is like taking time out and having the time, space and energy to heal yourself”

“Heather was recommended to me by a friend when I was struggling with life, drinking too much to cope and feeling very low. As soon as I walked in the door I knew I was in safe hands. She has the most beautiful energy about her and I felt completely at ease. She doesn’t judge, just respects who you are and where you are on your journey and works with you to get you where you want to be. I use my Hypnotherapy scripts daily as they are so beautifully peaceful and reassuring. No matter what your issue/s are she is right there with you all the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she changed my life.”


+44 (0) 7952 777418